Socket Head Cap Screws



Technical Details

  • Socket Head Cap Screws Metric Series ø M20 – M64, Inch Series ø 5/8” – 2 1/2”
  • Length Metric Series M80 to M650, Inch Series 3 1/2” – 26” (longer length can be made)
  • Standard: ISO: 4762, DIN: 912, IS: 2269 or as may required.
  • Property class / Grade: 12.9, 10.9, 8.8

More details

More info

  • Kant Fasteners make Socket Head Cap Screws Especially hot forged head forms uniform grain flow with unbroken flow line make head stronger prevent failure & add strength.
  • Socket Head Cap Screws Fully CNC machined form over size material ensure no de-carburising or surface crack.
  • Rolled threaded bolts are smoother surface and close tolerance; fully formed / uniform threads provide extra shear strength & resist stripping.
  • KANT Fasteners make Socket Head Cap Screws are heat treated in controlled atmosphere eliminating possibilities of decarburisation or surface carburisation to ensure maximum strength and toughness.